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Marin Baroque in our Community



Marin Baroque provides opportunities to young music students and musicians to develop their skills in Baroque vocal and instrumental technique and other aspects of early music performance.


A very important part of the Marin Baroque mission is to develop deep and enduring relationships with educational institutions in our community.  In this spirit, we have presented the following workshops:


 Carla Moore, (Violin) worked with the San Domenico School virtuoso string ensemble musicians in their preparation of a Vivaldi piece for an upcoming concert;


The San Domenico virtuoso string ensemble also was invited to participate in a Marin Baroque choral and orchestral concert. They kicked off the concert with a wonderful Baroque piece to great audience acclaim.


* Music Director Daniel Canosa, directed the Marin School of the Arts Choir to prepare them for a concert which included a major Baroque piece.

We are developing the Marin Baroque Academy to further our work with promising music students.  One of the projects of the Academy is to offer a qualified student to work with one of the Marin Baroque Orchestra musicians both individually and in rehearsals to prepare this student to play with the Orchestra in one of our concerts. This same program can be offered to qualified vocal students.



Marin Baroque singers, Rosemary Beecher Bryant, Elsa Nicol (Sopranos) and Brian Thorsett (Tenor) with Sara Usher (Violin), Carla Moore (Violin), and Yuko Tanaka (Harpsichord) provided the  musical entertainment at the first San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce Dinner Under the Stars fundraiser.  The purpose of this event was to raise funds to pay for landscaping of the new Imagination Park in downtown San Anselmo, the land for which was donated by George Lucas.  The landscaping has been completed, and the park, with its statues of Yoda and Luke Skywalker, is beloved by both families and individuals in the community.


Marin Baroque singers Linda Price and Sibel Demirmen (Sopranos) along with Michael Mello (Harpsichord) presented music at the Fair Housing of Marin fundraiser at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross This highly successful fundraiser helped Fair Housing of Marin to provide housing assistance services to Marin County residents in need.

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