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Marin Baroque Chamber Choir & period-instrument Orchestra

Daniel Canosa, Music Director



Saturday, March 16th, 2019

 Mozart, Vesperae solennes de Dominica

Locatelli, Sinfonia funèbre

Mouret, Première Suite de Symphonies, Fanfares

First Presbyterian San Anselmo

72 Kensington Road 94960

Aaron Westman, Cynthia Black, Gail Hernández Rosa, Violin

Frédéric Rosselet , Violoncello

Farley Pierce, Violone

Yuko Tanaka, Organ

Leonard Ott, Carole Klein, Trumpet

Kent Reed, Timpani


Songs of Innocence & Songs of Experience

 French & Spanish Music of the Renaissance 

 accompanied by the poetry of William Blake

Saturday. November 17, 2018

First Presbyterian San Anselmo 

72 Kensington Road 94960

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